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Dark BeastEdit

Dark Beast





Attacks with


Max hit

Very rarely 10+

Slayer xp for killing


Dark beasts, regardless of thier high level (182), are one of the easiest monsters to kill in RougeScape. Due to the 60x xp, one can get to 99 prayer within 2 hours of hard working, and so can use Protect from Melee extremely efficiently. You don't even need any food if you use this prayer, but, bring a full inventory of prayer potions if you are planning on long-term killing (Eg. A Slayer Task). These monsters aren't exactly very popular, but they do drop the Dark Bow occasionally, which you can sell for between 75-125M, easy money for begginners. If you don't get it, be patient, wait, and you'll get it eventually. You can find around 5 Dark Beasts at the top floor (2nd floor English, 3rd floor American) of the Slayer Tower, in Mortanyia, in the room with the abbysal demons. You can teleport there by clicking on your spellbook (Ancient Magicks and Normal both work), clicking Monster Teleport, and then clicking Slayer Tower

You can see a dark beast in between me and that abby demon

Keep on editing! ~IGN: Trusted. 17:16, January 20, 2012 (UTC)