The IRC (Internet Relay Chatroom) is the main contact method for talking to the community and reaching a staff member. You may gain voice within the IRC which gives you the capability to yell to all players without being a donator or veteran user. Allot of development talk and suggestions are made within IRC. It's always a good idea to chill in there to find out whats going on and make your point if need be as some updates could effect you good or bad.

Accessing the IRCEdit

On the left hand side of the main website for Roguex locate the Navigation box (pictured below) and click IRC Chatroom located 3RD from the bottom

Alternatively you may decide to use an IRC chat client. the two main choices are icechat or mIRC to access the IRC via these clients use the following information

Server Name:

Port: 6667

Channel: #roguex


Ranks symbols and users with those ranks

Mibbit: Icechat: ~ - Founder (Owner) - Thispixel

Mibbit: Icechat: & - Admin (Co-Owner) - Yerius

Mibbit: Icechat: @ - Super Moderator (Administrator) -

Mibbit: Icechat: % - Moderator (Moderator) - Easy A, Yuri, Bumder, Left,j0r

Mibbit: Icechat: + - Voiced User (Respected IRC Users) - Left, Steffanie, Easy A

All these users have a fairly strong knowledge of the irc and will be happy to answer any questions

Common UsersEdit

These are the users you will see regularly in the IRC:

  • Thispixel
  • Yerius
  • j0r
  • John
  • Yuri
  • Easy A
  • Switch
  • Left
  • Steffanie
  • God says
  • Bumder
  • Stouty
  • Golden Eagle
  • Heehee
  • imnotanewb