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PKing, in RogueX, is in either the Wilderness, or the Duel arena/any other unlisted PvP activities/areas. It is short for Player killing, in a safe, or a non-safe area. For instance, the main instance of PKing happens in the Wilderness, where 2 players (Or more in multcombat areas) risk thier items in a 1v1 fight (As aforementioned, in multicombat areas, #v#) usually for the other combatatant's items or for run (Other reasons are to increase PK points and to increase thier kills). Feel free to improve this article all you want! (Please don't remove the video)

My name is Trusted. Find me in the clan chat: Help. If you need help, just ask. 19:59, January 17, 2012 (UTC)

thumb|300px|right|An example of PKing